The life-changing tool to boost child mental health

Perfect resources for schools or home

If you are a teacher or know a teacher, you’ll know trying to juggle wellbeing lessons alongside the subjects you already teach is quite the task.

That’s why it’s time to welcome the mental health superheroes, Grow Your Mind.

This team of wellness extraordinaries have done the tough stuff for you, collating engaging and relatable resources that are easy to introduce into the classroom.

[Credit: Grow Your Mind]

They are big believers in prevention over crisis, meaning they champion starting mental health education as early as possible to help little ones understand their minds.

With half of all serious mental health issues beginning before a child reaches 14, it’s evident that more needs to be done when they are younger rather than scrambling around for solutions when they hit their teens and, for some, tragically it could be too late.

But how can pre-schoolers and primary kids learn about mental health when they are so young? Well, in the same way us big kids too, but with age-appropriate tools.

[Credit: Grow Your Mind]

Our favourite resource is the glorious family of brain characters, where you can meet The Wise Owl (representing the prefrontal cortex, which regulates cognitive function) and The Guard Dog (illustrative of the amygdala, involved with emotions, behaviour, and fear).

Their squad also includes The Elephant Who Tries Hard To Remember (hippocampus, responsible for memory) and The Sensitive Octopus (insular cortex, connected to emotions).

To help tackle the self-esteem crisis, the Grow Your Mind crew have devised a whole school approach programme that looks at brain awareness, resilience, and mindfulness on their mission to embed messages about emotional health in young children.

As well as teacher training and digital resources for schools, there is a home kit packed with guidebooks and sensorial experiences to help kids learn about their brains and emotions.

[Credit: Grow Your Mind]

In addition to this, they also offer free parent webinars, exploring themes such as coping with change, making friends with uncomfortable feelings, and how to foster creativity at home.

While the resources are aimed at three-years-old and up, just a quick peek at what’s on offer is a powerful reminder that regardless of age, we ALL have a mental health and need to look after ours with simple techniques that can empower us to be the best versions of ourselves.

For more info, click here: Grow Your Mind.

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