Deposits for own homes gifted by restaurant to help people

Life-changing dining!

Ever tried to rent a home? Then you’ll know the huge funds needed to slap down a deposit – with landlords often requesting six weeks plus a month’s rent upfront.

Throw a disadvantaged background into the mix and it’s extremely difficult to move away from sofa-surfing, hostels, or boarding houses.

That is, until Fat Macy’s came along.

This social enterprise is a powerhouse of humanity, supporting Londoners living in temporary accommodation by helping them move into their own homes.

[Credit: Fat Macy’s]

They do this not only through grants but also by giving people a sense of worth and inviting them as trainees into their restaurant and events catering business.

Those in need must sign-up as volunteers to the 200-hour programme, which will catapult their job prospects for the future as they work alongside chefs and front-of-house teams.

In addition to this, they will learn vital skills for independent living, such as food hygiene, cooking, and financial planning.

[Credit: Fat Macy’s]

Throughout the training, participants are encouraged to scout out employment and can apply for funding that will cover the costs of small items they need, such as personal identification documents, clothes and shoes for interviews, and things for their new homes.

Then, on completion of the programme, they can apply for a housing deposit grant, courtesy of Fat Macy’s, who will pay it directly to the landlord of their choice.

Since 2010, there has been a whopping 50% rise in homelessness in England, which consequently has a knock-on effect for unemployment.

[Credit: Fat Macy’s]

With Fat Macy’s helping people rewrite their futures, they are scrapping this narrative and as one of their former trainees said, they are “changing lives”.

To support their mission, you can pay a visit to their restaurant in Westminster, a glorious haven named Ebury by Fat Macy’s that serves Middle Eastern inspired sharing plates.

For more info, click here: Fat Macy’s.

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