Mind candy: Exquisite plant food that can boost mental health

Learn how to feed your belly and your brain

There is nothing quite like food photography to tease those tastebuds, other than learning to make the dish yourself, and ultimately, nosh it.

The fabulous folk over at Plant Academy are making this a reality, with inspiring courses to elevate you from kitchen cook to chef extraordinaire.

Offering a mishmash of in-person and online classes, you can learn the power of plants and how to turn Mother Nature’s finest into creative plates that will nourish.

[Credit: Plant Academy]

As a taster of what to expect, one of the programmes offers 12 modules of fundamentals, filled with vegan recipes that unlock the potential of plants.  

You’ll experiment with food as medicine, getting to grips with medicinal mushrooms which pack a punch with their anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties, not to mention their ability to improve cognition, memory, and brain function.

There is also a course which shines a light on how food and creative thinking are linked, as you will explore how to express your essence through cuisine.

[Credit: Plant Academy]

In addition to this, there is a curriculum for entrepreneurs on how to start your own food business and cultivate the creativity needed to get there.

Founded by Lauren Lovatt, she is passionate not only about feeding your tummy, but your brain too – knowing first-hand how food is mind candy.

Talking openly about her own journey, including a battle with eating disorders and losing her boyfriend to suicide, Lauren says she later found her strength in food after training as a raw chef and exploring the link between lifestyle and mental health.

[Credit: Plant Academy]

Lareun said: “As a distraction from the pain, I became obsessed with food. All-consumed by a concoction of eating disorders and depression, I isolated myself and turned the one thing I had always loved into something very dangerous.

“When bad became worse I had to seek help. This had to come from within and what came was my need to rebuild positive relationships – not only with food, but with wellness and more specifically wellness for the mind.”

Now, Lauren empowers others, sharing her knowledge for plant-based food and how it can light a fire in your belly when it feels like that light is flickering out.

To get involved, click here: Plant Academy.


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