Extraordinary People

Heart-stopping scenes! Hikers use turbans as rope to save man

Faith in humanity, officially restored

We’re all taught to dial 999 if we see someone in danger, though what happens if you have no signal?

A group of quick-thinking friends proved to be just as nifty as emergency services after they spotted two people at risk of drowning.

Using what little resources they had, the five Sikh pals whipped off their turbans to tie the material together and make a rope to dangle down the waterfall.

The real-life Casualty scenes unfolded in British Columbia, Canada, as the hikers worked their way through Golden Ears Provincial Park and discovered the men.

Speaking about the incident, Kuljinder Kinda said in Sikh culture they are taught to help someone in any way they can with anything they have, even their turban.

Kuljinder said: “We tried to think how we could get them out but didn’t know how to. We walked to find help then came up with the idea to tie our turbans together.”

[Credit: Sikh Community of BC]

The electrician, originally from Punjab, India, told NBC News: “We really just cared about the safety of the men.”

Using their turbans, alongside other clothing, the quintet crafted a 33ft rope, which they threw down and instructed the men to tighten before pulling themselves up.  

Faith in humanity, officially restored.

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