Eat your way to better skin: Why relaxed nutrition beats dieting

Healthy food that doesn’t involve deprivation

If you’ve ever had acne flare-ups, you’ll understand the frustration of temperamental skin.

There is an expectation that once we bid farewell to our teens, that will be it, yet spots can affect us regardless of age especially with fluctuating menstrual cycles.

Plagued by pimples throughout adulthood, Erica Rodriguez relied on medication, yet pogoing on and off pills took its toll and she began exploring ways to treat herself.   

Now, the skin whiz has earned her place in the The Craft’s inner circle, working her magic to clear zits and dramatically improve her wellbeing in the process.

She has since launched Naturally Nourished, a platform to share her tips with others from bespoke programmes to hearty recipes to heal yourself from the inside out.

Speaking about her journey, Erica revealed she adopted a holistic approach after conventional methods led to long periods on antibiotics or meds with side effects.

Delving into the power of lifestyle changes, and consequently now a nutritional therapist, she discovered the intricate relationship between food and skin health.

[Credit: Naturally Nourished]

Erica said: “I’m captivated by science and how nutrients from the food we consume perform at a cellular level. Good nutrition feeds every cell in our body and essentially, we are what we eat. By providing our often-neglected skin cells with the correct nutrients, we will start to see transformative, long-lasting results.”

She continued: “I draw upon evidence-based research to deepen my understanding on particular topics, mostly centred around skin health, anti-ageing, gut health and the mind-body connection. Whilst I fully appreciate that science is ever evolving, my core objective is to educate to the best of my knowledge with credible research.”

Coming from a background in beauty and fashion, industries where appearance is under great scrutiny, Erica became increasingly aware of the psychological struggles that can accompany acne and how it can impact your day-to-day life.

Today, she uses personal insight along with her expertise to help people on their skin journey, whether one-on-one or with the recipes she shares; from curried pancake wraps with a creamy chickpea filling to sticky peanut tofu with garlic and ginger bok choy, the dishes will leave you salivating even if you are a KFC enthusiast too.

Erica’s food philosophy is simple, championing the mantra ‘everything in moderation’.

She explained: “As a Libran, I strive for balance and equilibrium and believe too much of anything – whether perceived as good or bad, healthy or unhealthy – can tip the scale and leave you feeling out of whack.

“I mostly eat a diet of colourful, vibrant fruit and veg, grains, pulses, eggs and cheese and will always try to buy organic. My approach is relaxed and non-restrictive, and I choose not to deny myself of the foods I love such as pizza, ice-cream and red wine.”

[Credit: Naturally Nourished]

She added: “I believe that if we continuously deprive ourselves of one of life’s great pleasures it can take a toll on our state of mind. Healthy mind = healthy body.

“Food brings so much enjoyment and satisfaction to your life. It’s visually pleasing, it creates close bonds with those you’re feeding, and it nourishes your body and mind, contributing at large to your overall state of wellbeing.”

Now that is a philosophy we can get behind!

For more info, click here: Naturally Nourished.


  1. The correlation between the foods we ingest and our skin are direct. A lot goes into maintaining our bodies. People seem to be more determined to maintain and repair a car before doing the same for our bodies. We need to get back to basics.

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