Time to put yourself first! Meet the healer who can help you

Detox your mental clutter

Fixing a burst pipe, tiling the bathroom, cutting hedges… we’re never shy about asking for help from a pro with practical tasks.

For some reason, when it comes to mental wellbeing support, we’re still bashful about reaching out.

Yet what if we were to tell you, you can have your own personal cheerleader to help you blossom into the best version of you without your past holding you back?!

[Credit: The New Age Healer]

Meet Miles Lindsay Jones, otherwise known as The New Age Healer, who vows to unlock your true power so that you can navigate your emotions without fear.

Having been on his own self-discovery journey, he knows healing does not come from waving a magic wand, but learning how to unlock the answers already within.

Speaking about his experience, Miles said hitting rock bottom opened his eyes to the path he was on and climbing back up is what sparked his passion for wellbeing.

[Credit: The New Age Healer]

Miles said: “At the age of four, I first discovered life beyond the physical reality. Experiencing the loss of my mum to cancer, rather than engulfing myself in the emotions of grief, I was fuelled with motivation.

“I promised myself to help others to overcome suffering.”

He continued: “It was not a straightforward journey, being a young black man from London it is very easy to become a product of your environment, least to say, I got caught up in ‘the streets’ and landed up in jail for one year, during 2012.

“This experience was the true turning point and a reminder from the universe of that promise I had made to myself at the age of four.”

[Credit: The New Age Healer]

Today, Miles has taken a U-turn from life behind bars and is now a wellness guru, delivering reiki, meditation, and energy vibrational healing to clients globally.

By offering a myriad of modalities, Miles gives people autonomy to choose which healing principle works best for them to reach a mentally and emotionally clear state.

He also practices DNA ancestral lineage healing, which is a powerful technique to conquer family dysfunctions as it deals with past and present trauma by clearing out any energy that has attached itself to your lineage throughout time.

Miles added: “Don’t try to clear the mind, allow the mind to clear.

“Think of me as your personal cheerleader, helping you to find and unlock your inner strengths. This journey is all about your growth and personal development.”

Having someone shake their pom-poms for us? We’re in!

To detox your mental clutter, click here: The New Age Healer.


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