‘Feel empowered, heard, and seen’ Tips on how to survive life

Change how you see yourself forever

Juggling jobs, families, partners, finances, education, whatever it is, life is overwhelming.

Often, the go-to thought when it feels like a struggle is ‘I’m not good enough’.

But what if someone could help you flip that thinking like a pancake to see that you ARE good enough and, better yet, you already have the skills to cope within.

This is how Amaiyah Griffin can help you see the world.

[Credit: Surviving Life]

Having turned her own emotional wreckage into a platform from which to spiritually launch herself, she now shares her tips to help you metamorphose into your power.

Opening up about her journey, and what kickstarted her mission, Amaiyah said she is a big believer in self-love being accessible to all without any textbook jargon.

Amaiyah said: “Have you ever taken a moment to think about your thoughts? I mean, ever sat with your internal dialogue and how it reflects in the way you speak and act?

“Imagine how much better you would be if your internal dialogue was geared in a positive light; imagine how much more fulfilling it would be if you were your biggest supporter instead of biggest critic; imagine how freeing it would be not to deal with fears and doubts all the time.”

[Credit: Surviving Life]

She continued: “Possibly the best part about my content is that it’s digestible.

“No more struggling to translate some deep and coded life lessons. I just want to provide valuable insight in the simplest way possible.”

Amaiyah does this through her Surviving Life blog and newsletters, delving into wellbeing practices and personal insight to elevate you towards high self-esteem.

She has also penned an affirmations booklet, entitled Your Words Are Your Power, to support you on the rollercoaster of healing so you can make peace with the past.

[Credit: Surviving Life]

The aspiring guru initially wanted to reach out to fellow students, before realising that adulthood was just as much of a challenge as our school years.

Amaiyah said: “I started my brand in 2020 as Surviving School. I had just graduated from high school and senior year was one of the worst for my mental health.

“As I was entering college, I really wanted to help other students survive school as I was trying to do the same. However, as I was beginning to stray from the education system, I felt that Surviving Life may be a better fit and decided to rebrand.”

She explained: “Now, my aim is to help people build that foundational level of mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial health.

“It’s a pretty loaded aim, but this is a pretty loaded life.”

[Credit: Surviving Life]

To further encourage people to break their negative self-belief cycles, Amaiyah has created a journal prompt guide to help you speak to yourself more positively.

A taster of what you might find includes mental exercises such as ‘in this moment, what do you have control over’, ‘think of your greatest stressor, list three ways you can relieve it’, and ‘describe yourself positively using 10 adjectives’.  

On her mission to help people see themselves through fresh eyes, Amaiyah said she hopes her audience can not only survive, but also thrive.

She concluded: “I want to make people feel empowered, heard, and seen. A person that feels like this is a person that can take on anything in life no matter what.”

To buckle up in the front seat, click here: Surviving Life.

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