A phone that protects you! The future of safe tech has landed

Regain control of your virtual liberty

Whether you’re browsing your favourite store online, following Google Maps, or even watching TV, your data is being collected in the background without you knowing.

The reason for this is because the website you’re on, such as Facebook or Google, can build a profile about you which they can sell to advertisers.

In turn, advertisers then target their ads at consumers (you!) with greater precision.

The intricate web is so tailored to the individual that two neighbours could be watching Love Island at the same time yet be shown different ads in the commercial break depending on each person’s distinct data profile.

[Credit: Clear United]

While that might not sound too bad – after all, why see an ASOS ad when you are more of a Marks + Sparks enthusiast – the consensus is that it is intrusive and many people aren’t aware of being tracked as the information is hidden deep in the T&Cs.

Now, you can take back control of your personal data!

And it’s all thanks to blockchain.

You don’t need to be an expert in the dark web to use it, Clear United do that for you with their phones that empower you with technology free from being spied on.

[Credit: Clear United]

Their core mission is to arm individuals and families with control over their privacy, while also protecting children’s safety and securing your data.

Promising to give you the internet you want, the phones offer a new type of private network where you can regain your digital identity from big tech giants.

In their mission statement, they vow: “ClearPHONE is the first phone that blocks trackers, malware, spyware, viruses, phishing attempts, cookies, ads, and more.

“It runs on a secure operating system that won’t allow teenagers to sideload sketchy apps or work around parental controls (check out the number of YouTube videos that show kids how to bypass controls)… And without all those ads and trackers, phone performance actually increases!”

[Credit: Clear United]

The team added: “ClearUnited builds products that helps us all take back our digital lives and be safe on the internet.

“We also donate 100% of company profits to help global causes designed to level the playing field for people all over the world.”

Ads might just look like pretty pictures most of the time, though when you consider their power to manipulate you due to infiltrating your subconscious mind when you are in your most relaxed state, you realise how they affect every aspect of life.

From defining trends, creating traditions, and cementing our values, ads are more than the wallpaper of our world, they are often the storyteller too.

To take back the pen and write your own story, click here: Clear United.

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