The Insta account you need to follow! Boost your daily mindset

The big sisters of creativity

When you scroll through Insta clicking like on quotes or campaigns, do you ever pause to think who might be behind the killer designs?

We’re lifting the magician’s curtain for you to reveal the fantastical Jess Goldsmith – illustrator and lettering artist extraordinaire.

Not only does she create colour-poppin’ images that are eye candy for the soul, she is a mental health advocate too uniting with brands who champion suicide prevention.

[Credit: ki__yo__mi]

Alongside designs for top clients – including Stella Artois and TripAdvisor – Jess is the proud owner of Women of Type, a popular Instagram page celebrating creatives.

We caught up with Jess to find out more about her side project and why she believes showcasing lettering art from female-identifying artists all over the world is vital.

Chatting exclusively to InspoDaily, Jess said: “I started Women of Type in May 2020 at the semi-start of the pandemic.

“I’m a typography and lettering artist myself and I noticed a gap in the female representation in the typography community.”

[Credit: Woman Of Type]

She continued: “I started it for fun and it had such a phenomenal response and nearly blew up over the course of a couple of months.”

Now, what started as a hobby has transformed into a viral platform closing in on 100k followers that exhibits the incredible and gifted minds of her peers.

Jess explained: “I’ve had such an overwhelmingly positive response. People have messaged me thanking me for sharing their work, or sharing quotes that helped them, and even made connections and friends with each other through the page.

“I’m so excited to see how and where we grow into as a community.”

[Credit: Woman Of Type]

Galvanised by its success, Jess is now hosting her first mini-workshop next month.

She added: “I want Women of Type to be a place of inspiration for people to feel uninhibited about following passions and leaning into creativity to find success.”

Some of the glorious crafts you can find on her page include messages such as ‘brb just manifesting’, ‘I’m not lazy, it’s just selective’, and ‘every body is a bikini body’.

Perhaps our favourite though is the note to self, ‘Negative spirals are not welcome here, signed My Brain’.

To take a peek at the quirky inspo, click here: Women of Type.

To find out more about Jess, click here: Chick Of All Trade.

[Credit: Woman Of Type]

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