‘How to live a happy life’ Blogger spills secrets on food and wellbeing link

Save pennies while saving the planet

We feel you, clicking buttons on a laptop or even hopping in the car to the local supermarket is just so damn convenient.

Yet convenience is a huge trade off when it comes to saving the planet, not to mention nurturing your health.

By growing your own, whether you have a garden or modest windowsill, you hit the jackpot – look after Mother Nature and be safe in the knowledge you are noshing nutrition free of pesticides.

[Credit: Cherry’s Cottage]

If you’re not green-fingered, don’t fret. Foodie blogger Cherry’s Cottage has been busy sharing her secrets, having taught herself during the pandemic.

She also creates beautiful bath products using natural ingredients for chemical-free soaps and scrubs, which she sells on her Etsy shop.

Chatting about her venture, Cherry explained that it all began when she decided to rip out a dozen raised flower beds bursting with weeds and grass to see what would happen.

To her surprise, she was bitten by the gardening bug and has never look back.

[Credit: Cherry’s Cottage]

Cherry said: “I always told myself that gardening wasn’t for me because I was stung by a bee at school and the swelling went all the way up my arm.

“Also, I’ve never been a fan of slugs, worms, and other slimy organisms but now I understand and respect their importance in our ecosystem.”

She continued: “My mum’s family were farmers in China and she proudly declared after my weeding victory that I had ‘farmer genes’. I will take it.”

Cherry now champions the farm-to-table ethos, which celebrates using locally grown food or livestock to generate fresh produce and reduce waste.

[Credit: Cherry’s Cottage]

The Seattle-based star describes herself as an ‘urban grower and community builder’ who is passionate about championing sustainability and inspiring others to grow their own food. 

Reflecting on her achievements, Cherry says there is nothing like picking tomatoes fresh off the vine and encourages everyone to see ‘it is like harvesting candy’.

Cherry concluded: “Science always tells the truth because it has no incentive not to. There are so many things we can personally do which, on a global scale, can make a huge impact.

“Reduce, reuse, recycle and upcycle things that would otherwise go to the dump and reduce unnecessary levels of methane emission.​”

For tips on switching your consumer habits, click here: Cherry’s Cottage.

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