Rethinking relationships: How to stay safe and sane in love

Learn to navigate dark romances

As love comes innately from within, we often give little thought to having to teach it.

Yet without education, we fail to equip people with the tools needed on how to navigate consent and the challenging relationships they may find themselves in.

This is why the work that Kimie Pearl does is vital, literally saving lives.

By putting love on the learning map, Kimie says we can revolutionise unhealthy romances by not only helping abuse victims recover but also preventing abuse from happening in the first place.

[Credit: Kimie Pearl]

Sharing her pearls of wisdom through her platform WorththeWar, Kimie delves into difficult topics such as narcissism and pornography to help people understand the warning signs.

Speaking about her quest, Kimie said we must prepare people for real love instead of broken lives as currently we are doing a disservice to future generations.

Kimie said: “We spend more time learning to walk, read, and drive than how to love. What are we doing to help people avoid abuse?

“Most of us entered relationships with little or no prep. Many of us were given ideas that set us up for abuse more than real love.”

She continued: “Let’s rethink love for the hearts that follow us. Let’s earn our seat at the cultural discussion on love.”

[Credit: WorththeWar]

Kimie kickstarted WorththeWar after a family member experienced intimate partner violence (IPV) and realised how little preparation we are given for healthy love and relationships.

Here in the UK, sex and relationships education (SRE) only became mandatory last September, meaning schools must educate students on the emotional and social aspects of growing up.

Kimie, who is based in Columbus, Ohio, says her mission is to help people identify what is healthy, as otherwise we will never be able to call out what is toxic.

She said: “It was necessitated by a dark season for our family, but it has given us a place of understanding to help other people avoid the suffering.

“Our passion is sparing hearts by rethinking love, this is done through articles on my blog and sharing other resources including YouTube videos, Instagram messages, or Tik Toks.”

[Credit: WorththeWar]

Kimie also has plans for an upcoming book so people have tips and tricks at their fingertips.

When you consider one in five women and one in seven men experience severe physical violence from an intimate partner, more action is needed to prepare people to avoid abuse.

By the time they are in these toxic relationships it could well be too late, with people trapped and unable to escape, or worse, having their lives taken in extreme violence.

This is where WorthTheWar strives to empower people, to recognise toxic and abusive mindsets when they encounter them and feel confident in finding freedom.

Kimie concluded: “People who embrace these ideas will be able to enter dating and relationships with confidence that they can build a relationship they are looking for, it would be great if they could also avoid the time and wounding that comes from abusive partners.”

To get help now, click here: WorthTheWar.


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