Shameless! First ever festival to tackle sexual violence hits London

Hollywood star Emily Ratajkowski is on the line-up

When we talk about sexual violence and rape, it tends to be hush-hush.

Whether that is because of shame, stigma, or lack of knowledge, sadly it means that people who are affected by these issues are not given a voice.

Now, these crucial matters are taking centre stage and getting the attention they deserve with a festival all of their own.

The first ever Shameless! Festival – produced by SHaME (Sexual Harms and Medical Encounters) and WOW: Women of the World – is hitting London’s Battersea Arts Centre this month.

[Credit: Shameless! Festival]

On a mission to change attitudes and share ideas, the event will unite activism and art for an incredible day that will empower society to trigger change collectively.

With talks from survivors and researchers, alongside performances by poets and musicians, the day will champion the importance of creating wellness spaces in everyday life.

As a taster of who to expect, the line-up boasts model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, WOW founder Jude Kelly, and Black Minds creator Rachel Nwokoro.

[Credit: Shameless! Festival]

Talking about the gathering, which falls November 27, the curators say they hope to encourage people to openly address what has always remained a taboo topic.

The team said: “Everyone is invited to join this vital festival to spark conversation, address the global crisis of sexual violence in all its forms and help get rid of the shame often attached to it.

“We will revolutionise conversations around sexual violence; burst open inherited ideas of shame; and give everyone the chance to say to all societies, enough is enough, sexual violence must end.”

Festivalgoers – who are invited to pay what they can – will be invited to choose from a variety of workshops and talks, as well as browse a marketplace and access onsite support.

To grab your ticket, click here: Shameless! Festival.

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