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Finding their voice: Kids in care record album set for Grammys triumph

Stars of the future!

They say where words fail music speaks, and whether you feel blue or on cloud nine, a tune on has the power to articulate what speech can’t.

Tapping into this force, one artist has taken the lifeline of music to help vulnerable kids.

Alexander Star, otherwise known as A. Star, works with young people to create original songs about world impact or explore songwriting as a therapeutic tool to share their stories.

[Credit: A. Star]

Speaking about the process, A. Star said it helps future generations find their voice.

A. Star said: “I work with kids who completely shut out adults due to what they’ve been through. With music, I cut through and I get them to open up in ways they normally don’t.

“I get them to not only tap into their creative side but also unpack heavy baggage they’ve had on their minds but didn’t quite know how to express.”

Now, A. Star has gone the extra mile to transform his students into celebs, recording an album in collaboration with teens living in foster care.

[Credit: A. Star]

Library of Us packs such a punch it is now up for Grammy consideration and been included on the nomination ballot during the first round of voting for the prestigious awards.

Reflecting on the experience, A. Star said: “It is a collection of heartfelt conversations about the fears, insecurities, goals, ambitions, and faith of teens and kids in the foster care system.

“I helped them take bullet point about their lives and spin them into lyrics and we pulled this album together.”

He added: “I humbly submit Library of Us for your consideration for the Grammys 2022, Best Children’s Album.”

[Credit: A. Star]

This is not the first time A. Star has spread his philanthropic wings.

He rose to fame in Rwanda with his song Show Me The Way, a collaboration with local superstar Andy Bumuntu promoting peace and humanity to help heal hearts in a post-genocide nation.

Chatting about the track, Star said: “I just want to spread love to folks who need good energy. Music can be powerful medicine, I write my own prescriptions that cause real positive side effects.”

Amen to that!

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