Brighten your home with these amazing designs (and you’ll be saving animals too)!

Make your living room go wow

Greys, whites, blacks, all safe colours that we know will blend into a home. Though what about playing around with the colour palette?

A new range of beautiful, bold, and brilliant furnishings have been released to not only brighten your home but also support animals in the process.

It’s all thanks to artist Jacha Potgieter, who is expanding his portfolio so that he can donate a percentage of profits to two conservation charities.

[Credit: Cristian Barnett]

Already a talented craftsman, who has worked across different art modalities such as painting, photography, and sculpture, he is now turning his attentions to homeware.

Speaking about his venture, Jacha said he is excited to unleash his new products in time for Christmas which include cushion covers, tablecloths, tea towels and scarves.

All of them feature the distinctive vibrant imagery also seen in his ‘Walk Through Life’ mixed media collage print collection.

[Credit: Cristian Barnett]

Jacha, who hails from South Africa and now lives in North Wales, said: “The ‘Walk Through Life’ collection is a series of autobiographical prints.

“The images I’ve used in each piece are a representation of the places I’ve travelled, people I’ve met and moments I’ve experienced throughout my life.”

He continued: “I am a keen collector of textiles, the fabrics I’ve used in the prints are ones I have spent years collecting on my travels.

“The natural world, and protecting it, is a huge part of who I am. It features heavily in this collection and will raise awareness of species under threat or risk of extinction.”

[Credit: Cristian Barnett]

This means, any product you nab from the collection will see 10% of profits split between Ape Action Africa and Orangutan Appeal UK.

Ape Action Africa do incredible work for great ape conservation in Cameroon to ensure their survival in the wild, focusing on rescuing orphaned and injured gorillas, chimp and monkeys, and giving them urgent care to nourish them back to health.

Meanwhile, Orangutan Appeal UK is dedicated to the rehabilitation and preservation of orangutans and the conservation of their rainforest habitat, working tirelessly to raise awareness of the plight of this great ape across the world.

To zhuzh up your living room, click here: Jacha Potgieter.

[Credit: Ape Action Africa]

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