You’ll never believe how red phone boxes are now being used

A new lease of life!

For those of us old enough to remember a time before smartphones, you’ll have a special place in your heart for red phone boxes.

Whether it was chucking 20ps in to call a taxi, using a phonecard to chat to your crush away from your parents’ landline, or using reverse charges for help.

So, you might feel a little sad to hear that the iconic UK kiosks are being decommissioned after usage plummeted a staggering 96%.

However, some of them are being given a new lease of life!

[Credit: The Community HeartBeat Trust]

A selection of boxes, from Cornwall to Shetland, are metamorphosing into lifesaving mini medical centres and have been repurposed to house defibrillators.

As anyone who watched the dramatic scenes unfold during the Euros this summer, when Christian Eriksen dropped to the ground during a cardiac arrest in Denmark’s opening game against Finland, it was a defibrillator that shocked him back to life.

When it comes to using one, timing is everything and the more devices that are dotted around in everyday places, the higher the chances of saving someone’s life.

Speaking about their initiative, The Community HeartBeat Trust spokesperson said: “To save a life after a cardiac arrest is time-dependent.

“As telephone kiosks are in the centre of communities and are easily recognisable and generally feature on satnavs, these make great locations for defibrillators.”

[Credit: PA News]

Joining this incredible feat, another red box has become the UK’s smallest nightclub.

This means, if you don’t like dancing away against sweaty bodies or queueing at the bar, then this is a dream come true as there’s only room for one!

You can boogie with your own disco lighting and glitter ball to tracks including Blondie’s Hanging On The Telephone and Telephone Line by Electric Light Orchestra.

Speaking about the box in Kingsbridge, Devon, local councillor Chris Povey said they were “determined to keep it, but also wanted to do something really eye-catching”.

[Credit: Annie Spratt]

The miniature nightclub also raises funds for charity, charging revellers £1 per track and giving profits to help adults who have learning difficulties.

In addition to this, several boxes have been converted into mini community libraries that encourage small donations of 50p per book so they can also donate to charity.

Meanwhile, in areas where there is poor mobile coverage, a high accident or suicide rate, red phone boxes will remain as a lifeline to those in need.  

We wonder how long it will be before one turns into a tanning booth?!

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