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Kindhearted Keanu Reeves gifts crew with Rolex watches after filming

The Mr Nice Guy OG

We’re all familiar with stories of Hollywood stars who smile on the red carpet then behave like total divas behind the scenes.

Fortunately, our man Keanu Reeves does not fall into that category!

Whether you’ve got nostalgia for Bill & Ted, fell for him as Officer Jack Traven in Speed, or are mad for The Matrix, Keanu is just as much of a legend off-screen as he is on.  

As he wrapped on his latest film, the Canadian actor decided to treat the four members of his stunt team to Rolex Submariners watches.

[Credit: WatchMania]

That’s a cool £30,000, with each watch retailing at approximately £7k.  

The crew had been shooting the fourth installment of the John Wick franchise in Paris, before they headed off for a meal to celebrate.

It was only by chance that Keanu’s good nature was captured on camera, as a fellow diner at Bistrot Paul Bert snapped the MTV Movie Award winner with his comrades.

[Credit: Jeremy Marinas]

Two stuntmen later confirmed what kindhearted Keanu had done, posting photos of the watches – all engraved with ‘The John Wick Five’ on the back – on Instagram.

As the actor creeps towards his 60th birthday (can you believe he’s 57?!), you might think he has been humbled by his years in showbiz.

Nope! He is as generous today as he was yesteryear.

[Credit: TalesfromLordRodney]

Back in 1999, when he shot to epic levels of fame playing Neo in The Matrix, he gifted his entire team from that movie with Harley-Davidson motorbikes.

Speaking of the sci-fi favourite, Keanu is set to grace our screens again in The Matrix Resurrections, the fourth flick from the franchise, next month.

So, grab your popcorn and kick back over Crimbo to see the Mr Nice Guy OG in action.

Meanwhile, John Wick: Chapter 4 hits cinemas in May 2022.

[Credit: TalesfromLordRodney]

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