‘I was too busy partying to check in on myself’ Man reveals why slowing down can revolutionise your life

Turn your wounds into wisdom

While practicing ‘Me Time’ is fast-becoming as common as washing your hair, it can be a major turn-off when someone is spouting wellness jargon.

Despite good intentions, when gurus and elders pass on their teachings in a way that doesn’t resonate it creates disconnection and we likely disengage from their doctrines.

This is why we are crushing hard on The Conscious Health Hustle, a health champ who educates people with his lived experience and translating what he learns into real talk.

Jose Contreras actively disassociates from the ‘guru’ tag, aware that nobody is perfect (even the masters) and it’s all about figuring out what works best for you.  

[Credit: The Conscious Health Hustle]

We caught up with Jose to dig a little deeper and find out how he found his self-care groove.

Jose said: “The Conscious Health Hustle started off as organic happenstance and turned into a passion project to awaken, inspire and consciously practice working on oneself indefinitely in all areas of holistic health. I think that’s what makes it a bit of a hustle.

“I used to party a lot and never took care of myself. When you’re too busy partying, drinking, and smoking, you have no time to listen or check in with yourself. I was so good at it though, that it wasn’t until my mental health declined and my body started yelling at me, that things took a turn.”

He continued: “It is said not all storms come to destroy your life, some come to clear a path. This was definitely the case for me when I got my DWI [driving while intoxicated].

“It was then I finally paused and really took a deep look at myself and asked myself what I’ve been doing, what direction I wanted to be going in, and what do I actually care about?”

[Credit: The Conscious Health Hustle]

Taking a break from partying helped Jose revaluate his life, focusing on his mind and body, which was battling debilitating lower back pain, acid reflux, digestive issues, and acne.

It was during this time that Jose happened to watch a documentary and read a book associated with Gerson therapy, a way to restore the body to health by removing toxins.

Jose said: “I was blown away from the now overly used famous Hippocrates statement, ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’.

“I immediately started devouring books and doing research on how I could heal myself physically. I became my own health coach. I did water fasts, intermittent fasting, juice cleanses, I was vegetarian, I was then vegan, and then I even went raw for a bit.”

He continued: “I am not saying none of this works or that it all worked, what I am saying is we are all different and I was getting to know myself and what worked for me.”

[Credit: The Conscious Health Hustle]

Two modalities that Jose credits with saving him are yoga and meditation, thanks to their ability to help him slow down and do things with intention.

Having started his wellness journey a decade ago, he still remains committed to these tools and practices them multiple times per week alongside teaching his classes and coaching services.  

Jose said: “We all want quick fixes, and we want to be told what to do and what diet we should be on, but convenience harms and it can sometimes kill.

“You are not going to know what works for you unless you try it. Give yourself time, focus, and heal. Sit with yourself. It sounds a bit woo-woo but it is the best thing you can do for yourself.”

[Credit: The Conscious Health Hustle]

He added: “My aim is to inspire others to make wellness a journey and lifelong practice. I want to make it as accessible as possible to everyone.

“It does not have to be all or nothing, black and white. Start small, experiment, see what works with you, your lifestyle and body, then run with that.”

Jose may be modest when it comes to seeing himself a regular Joe, but he has big aspirations.

The New Yorker has set his sights on launching a retreat location in the mountains near water where people will visit to practice all things health, wellness, and community.

Jose concluded: “I am obsessed with tribe, so making people feel that they have a place to go and someone to talk to is what it’s all about for me.

“I am literally laughing as I say this because it sounds like the commune which I’ve always joked about with my friends and maybe it sounds crazy or weird to some, but I think it sounds lovely and if you do too then this place is for you.”

Brb, just off to join Jose’s tribe!

To get involved, click here: The Conscious Health Hustle.  


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