The coolest cosmic clothes for souls who wear their hearts on their t-shirts

Look sassy this Christmas!

If you’re a loyal reader, then you’ll know we have a rich interest in the universe.

Usually, this love affair is saved for documentaries, conferences, books, or articles.

But now, you can show your appreciation for life in a higher frequency by wearing it!

It’s all thanks to Kosmik Beatnik, a super fun and colourful clothing brand that twins fashion with the magic of the cosmos.  

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

Here, you’ll find t-shirts, hoodies and tote bags emblazoned with slogans such as ‘Find your way’, ‘Love is a frequency’, and ‘One love’.

There are also quirky phrases for those who like to deep dive into spirituality, with ‘Don’t panic, I’m Shamanic’ and ‘My third eye can see right through you baby’.

Shamanism is a practice that involves a guide who leads you to a spirit world through altered states of consciousness, such as trance.

Meanwhile, the third eye is a mystical concept of an invisible eye, which provides perception beyond ordinary sight and is often associated with intuition or, more commonly, that ‘gut feeling’.

Designer Johanna Londinium describes the range as “high-vibing”, offering items that can “reflect a little of who you are”.

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

In her mission statement, she said: “I am a sovereign being and awakened soul. I live my life to the beat of my own drum and honour my place in the universe.

“Since I started to awaken to my truth and remember who I truly am, my heart has been beating in harmony with all and flows with love. I love you and love is all.”

She continued: “My service here on earth is to help others awaken to their truth, who in turn help others, who help others… shine bright and you light the way for many.

“We are on this journey together.”

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

With a background in modelling, Johanna says she now hopes her clothes can encourage people to wear them with a smile.

She explained: “Smiling is contagious and a lovely way to engage with others, share your light wherever you go. Wear your T-shirt and make an upbeat, positive statement that will turn a few heads and open a few minds.

“A T-shirt alone will not raise the vibration of humanity but a Kosmik Beatnik wearing one is another story. Positive vibes T-shirts!”

Johanna, who began her transitioning journey aged 17, is also devoted to the planet.

All products are made with organic cotton and inks and are entirely vegan with no animal testing, they are also shipped in biodegradable, recyclable packaging with no plastic.

To spice up your look, click here: Kosmik Beatnik.

[Credit: Kosmik Beatnik]

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