Why December 21 will spark a change to ‘flood the world in positivity’

Mark it on your calendar!

As festive lights go up in town centres and restaurants boast new Christmas menus, there is actually a date before December 25 that is of great importance.

So, you better get marking December 21 on your calendar!

The winter solstice holds such power that it is set to flood the world with positivity.

This year, a global ceremony will take place at Uluru (a sandstone rock formation in the southern part of the Northern Territory in central Australia) to revitalise the spiritual heart of the planet.

[Credit: Photoholgic]

It follows on from last year’s service, when hopes were high that the ‘magic box’, as described in aborigine prophecy, could be turned on and kickstart a gradual ascension in earthly vibration.

Yet with the events that have unfolded since then, it has become apparent that many of us remain overwhelmed by fear and division and a new mission is required at Uluru.

Forgotten Origin co-founders, Steven and Evan Strong, have written about why this is the case and how the discovery of magical rocks has opened their eyes to the work that remains.

Below, you can read their remarkable insight from words published in their blog.

[Credit: Forgotten Origin]

“At Uluru on December 21, 2020, beginning at 7:32 pm, a global ceremony involving over 15million people was totally successful in activating the big red rock which began the process of a global cleansing of the body and soul of the planet and all its residents.

“In the simplest terms, we were told that if the ceremony did succeed Uluru would activate what the Mayans refer to as ‘two roads,’ while the Hopi refer to the recommended pathway as a ‘fast flowing river.’ Either way, a choice is on offer for each soul, and this time around there are consequences. Basically, if the right decision is made that individual is granted the right to remain, conversely, if the wrong choice is the preferred course action, then that soul must immediately vacate these earthly premises. Moreover, the time allowed to make the correct choice is not measured in decades but has a sum total of less than three years.

“Even though the timing is short, we have been assured that the time leading up to the final day will be ‘ugly’ and ‘brutal’.

“We had assumed that our role in all of this was to get the required number of souls joining together in a global meditation and dedication directed towards Uluru, which would lead to the ‘magic box’ being turned on. From that point on, we thought it was all a matter of stand back and watch in taking on the role of a passive but very interested spectator.”

However, it became clear following the discovery of new rocks and artefacts, that more was being demanded of Steven and Evan’s participation.

[Credit: Forgotten Origin]

They continued: “The day after a message from behind the curtain was received and accepted… the ancient magical objects wanted to change the global setting and charge up the atmosphere through assisting those who were under stress and are suffering. But how?

“That night I delivered the group of artefacts an ultimatum, I was taking a ring, a rock and piece of bone to be placed beside my bed and during that night I wanted all the details set out step by step.

“When I woke it was all clear. Very simply, the instruction was more of the same. They wanted all of the people who joined in last year in positive meditation directed towards Uluru to do the same thing again on the same date, and hope many more will join in. Their aim is to flood the world in positivity. Surely this is not only desperately needed, but doable. It worked before and we see no reason why we cannot succeed again. Uluru is generating and accelerating every day, but to supercharge the process is not only warranted but needed right now.

“This is what they have decided is the best course of action forward and will be our primary focus leading up to December 21. It is a win-win situation, if on the exceptionally negligible chance the rock does not increase its outflow the reality of millions of people healing the world with positivity is good for the planet and every soul participating.”

[Credit: Forgotten Origin]

While there is still a month to go until the ceremony, you can get your fix of Steven and Evan at their upcoming conference as they lead their Our Alien Ancestry: Mystical Ways & Historical Days event across November 27 and 28 with a glittering panel of guest speakers.

To nab your tickets, click here: Our Alien Ancestry.

To read the full Uluru article, click here: Forgotten Origin.

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