Meet the elves! Musicians struggling for work are delivering Xmas trees

It’s time to get festive

Ever tried fitting a Christmas tree into your Ford Fiesta? It ain’t easy!

So, why not save yourself the drama and give Green Elf a little try.

In return, they’ll give you a whole lotta love by bringing your tree right to your door.

You can even live track your elf on the day of delivery so the magic can begin before you decorate.

[Credit: Green Elf]

Better yet, these are elves with a twist, ones that will not only brighten up your living room but also ones who are struggling to find work in the music industry.

This means, by simply buying a tree from them, you are supporting artists as they find their feet again following the pandemic.

Rewind to Christmas 2020, London company Green Elf Trees launched during the second lockdown as an olive branch for out-of-work musicians to make a few bob.

While all industries were hit hard, performers really had it rough as venues closed, shows were cancelled, and even teaching opportunities were axed.

Fast-forward to today and they are still going strong, lighting up homes with glorious trees.

[Credit: Green Elf]

Oh, and did we mention the trees are sustainably sourced from UK growers?!

There’s even the option to add in natural decorations, such as pine cones and dried orange slices, for a touch of class.

If you’re not sold yet, their removal service will sway you as they’re committed to coming and collecting your tree in January to avoid them being dumped on streets or landfills.

With each purchase, a £3 donation is made on the customer’s behalf to a charity of their choice: Mind, Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity, Crisis, Dogs Trust or Age UK.

So, bid farewell to your inner Scroodge, it’s time to get festive!

To choose a tree, click here: Green Elf.

[Credit: Green Elf]

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