Do you know what’s really in the food you’re feeding your cat?

The secrets of kitty nutrition revealed

Whether you’re a plant-based enthusiast, toot the horn for gut health, or swear by farm-to-table, society is pretty woke when it comes to eating healthily these days.

Though what about applying that knowledge to your cat?

Many of us blindly head towards the pet aisle in a supermarket, chuck some cheap cans or kibble in the trolley, then poodle off for whatever else we need.

Yet the food we are feeding our kitties is barely fit for consumption and is so heavily processed it has been likened to a human eating McDonald’s every single day.

[Credit: KatKin]

There are several reasons why, that we’re not really sure where to start.

Ultimately, industry standard cat food is blasted at searing hot temperatures to keep it shelf-stable for years – that’s why you see it next to the detergents and cleaning products.

This means all of the vital nutrients are scorched out of it during the cooking process.

Secondly, before preparation even begins, the food often starts out with poor quality meat that is rejected for human consumption; consisting of beaks, feathers, hooves and eyeballs.

This is why if you look at the ingredients on a cat tin, the label will state ‘meat derivatives’, with only 4% real meat content. 4%! For carnivores?

So, what’s in the other 96%?

[Credit: KatKin]

Sadly, a large proportion of the ‘food’ is grains and starches – two ingredients cats aren’t made to digest in high amounts – and sugars.

Ah, they’re just cats, what do they know, right?! Well, no. Just as we suffer with our physical health if nutrition deficient, so do our feline friends, and they risk developing chronic disease.

Though purr-fect siblings, Brett and Nikki O’Farrell, are on a mission to rewrite the narrative.

The brother and sister dream team joined forces after discovering how badly their pets’ health was being neglected by mainstream cat food. And they decided to shake up the industry!

Now the proud founders of KatKin, they have created cat food that contains 100% meat to mimic what cats eat in the wild.

[Credit: KatKin]

Speaking about their venture, the duo said they strive to do things differently by offering premium ingredients, prepared by hand with minimal processing.

Brett and Nikki explained: “Mainstream cat food is more about filling pockets than thriving cats. That’s why we do it differently.

“Kibble still resembles the first commercial pet food recipe in 1860. And it was formulated for dogs, not cats! That’s like trying to use an industrial steam engine to check your emails. This is an industry that’s crying out for some innovation.”

They continued: “We choose fresh because we choose the health of our cats over low production costs, tailored nutrition over pet food by numbers, and natural over nasties.

“Cats look and feel their best when they eat a diet high in fresh, premium meat. So, that’s exactly what we put into KatKin. And we freeze it to keep the freshness locked in.”

[Credit: KatKin]

The KatKin crew vow that by switching to their meal plan, which is delivered to your front door, your cats will instantly have better digestion, improved energy, and shinier coats.

With a range of flavours, from Mooo! (beef) to Gobble! (turkey) to Cluck! (chicken), you can pick from eight choices for your moggy, even switching up each month if you want.

All you need to do is make sure you have enough room in your freezer to store the month’s supply.

Due to the meals being steamed and not blasted at insanely hot temperatures, 28 sachets arrive frozen before you defrost them when required for feeding time.

You can even get 25% off a starter box if you use the code: FRESHINSPO25.

To give your pet more paw-some nutrition, click here: KatKin.

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