Male suicide prevention: Help save a life by joining this walk on Sunday!

Are you free November 28?

When we talk about suicide, it can often sound quite abstract like something that happens to ‘other people’ unless we’ve experienced it ourselves.

Yet when you consider three out of four suicides in the UK are men, with 13 taking their lives every single day, male mental health clearly affects society as a whole.

And now you can help!

In honour of the 4,657 men who took their own lives in 2020, the Rise Against Suicide Sunrise Walk is challenging the public to raise money for blokes in need of support this Sunday.

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To represent those lost over the past year, a metre for each man lost to suicide will see the 4,657m expedition take place in major cities across the UK on November 28.

All you need to do is show up at one of the locations – including Manchester, Belfast, and Brighton – or walk in your local area and get your mates to chip in, sponsoring your efforts.

So, for less than three miles, which is the equivalent of 15 laps around a football pitch, you will literally be saving lives as all money raised is being donated to HUMEN.

[Credit: HUMEN]

The London-based charity work tirelessly to be a voice to men, on a mission to change the face of what it means to be a man.

They do this by providing anonymous, non-clinical spaces for fellas to talk, listen and connect on a regular basis so that they can prevent issues from festering inside.

Their campaign, in partnership with sports brand Decathlon, has attracted support from some well-known faces – including Alan Carr, Bill Nighy, and Emma Ribgy.

Rigby, who rose to fame in Hollyoaks, said she was devastated to learn of the suicide rates in her local area and is calling for the public to help.

 She said: “I am from St Helens, Merseyside, which has the highest rate of male suicide in the UK.

“I began to learn more about the horrific statistics around male suicide and self-harm admissions after hearing MP Conor McGinn speak during a House of Commons debate.”

Emma added: “I urge anyone who can to join me on November 28 to walk in honour of those lost, and to prevent further damage from being done to underprivileged communities.”

Meanwhile, River Hawkins, founder and CEO of HUMEN, said he kickstarted the charity to address the root causes of this epidemic of suicides in men rather than only the aftermath.

Hawkins said: “HUMEN focuses on preventative action, prevention is better than cure because there is no cure once someone has ended their life.

“We can’t always see the battles our fathers, brothers, husbands, sons, and friends are facing.”

He added: “We want to honour those men we’ve lost to suicide to rise against it, the sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, and friends of these men and to encourage men who may be struggling to see another sunrise, begin anew and keep going. Who will you rise for?”

To get involved, click here: Rise Against Suicide Sunrise Walk.

For the list of locations, see below. All walks are 06.45am arrival for 07.15am start.

[Credit: HUMEN]

Decathlon Manchester: Ashton New Road, M11 4BD

Decathlon Cardiff: Culverhouse Cross, CF5 6XQ

Decathlon Greenwich: Greenwich Shopping Park, Bugsby Way, London, SE7

Decathlon Brighton: Unit 3, 134 North Street, BN1 1RG Brighton

Decathlon Nottingham: Giltbrook Retail Park, Nottingham Road East, NG16

Decathlon Edinburgh: Hermiston Gait Retail Park, Edinburgh, EH11 4DG

Decathlon Poole: Poole Retail Park, Redlands, BH12 1DN

Decathlon Oxford: Seacourt Retail Park, Oxford, OX2 0JJ

Decathlon Newcastle Gateshead: Team Valley Retail Park, Team Valley

Decathlon Liverpool: Huyton Lane, Liverpool, L36 7TX

Decathlon Belfast: Holywood Exchange Retail Park, Belfast, BT3 9EJ

Your own 4,657 metre walk in your local area

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