The London café dishing up delicious food that is helping the community

An olive branch for ex-offenders

We all want to do our bit to save the planet, though if eating sustainably means living off salad leaves, let’s be honest, it can feel a little dry at times.

That’s why a quirky café is proving to be the fairy godmother of quality nosh, so get yourself down to south London for a trip to Battersea now.

By specialising in sustainable dishes without sacrificing taste, Social Pantry is fast becoming the go-to hotspot for food conscious folk.

We’re talking tastebud ticklers such as smoked bacon and Marmite butter crumpets with poached egg and Parmesan; black pudding and potato hash with crispy fried egg, confit garlic, and spring onion; and chestnut mushroom on sourdough with crème fraîche and pesto.

[Credit: Social Pantry]

This café with a twist is also the leader for ex-offender employment in hospitality, closely working with local prisons and charities to offer people a second chance.

In a bid to prevent many from falling into old lifestyle ways and re-offending again, largely due to the lack of employment opportunities and the stigma surrounding ex-offenders, Social Pantry provides men and women with a trade that they can rely on for a lifetime.

Oh, and did we mention they’re vying to become the first zero-waste catering company in the UK!?

[Credit: Social Pantry]

They are striving for this title by joining forces with a sustainability consultant to make sure everything on their menu is as planetfriendly as possible.

The brainchild of Alex Head, who showcased her entrepreneurial flair at just 15 when she started selling sandwiches, she now runs a catering company and two cafés (the second in Peckham).

In what has been coined an “unassuming and cool approach to food” by none other than Vogue magazine, Alex brings heart and soul to all her creations.

So, either pay a visit to the Big Smoke or you can hire Social Pantry for a wedding, party, or event.

For more info, click here: Social Pantry.

[Credit: Social Pantry]

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