How to manage your child’s anxiety: Boost self-esteem and banish stress

Taking worry out of the classroom

While every parent wants to wrap their child in cotton wool, it’s impossible to shelter them from external stressors, such as peer pressure or exams.

As we can’t control these rites of passage, the next best thing is to equip kids with armour to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

And what better way to shimmy a shield that can not only protect them but also serve them!?

[Credit: Little Sunshine]

This is what Kate Scott believes, the proud founder of Little Sunshine, who uses yoga and meditation on lil’ ones to help them find their zen.

She does this by delivering workshops in primary schools, on a quest to reach children at an early age so they develop skills for life.

Currently, holistic classes tend to start at secondary school, when high levels of stress have already manifest and teenagers are on the back foot trying to manage their mental health.

By educating our future generations as early as possible, we arm them with the tools needed to fight the anxiety monster before it enters their world, so they are prepped when it arrives.

[Credit: Little Sunshine]

We caught up with Kate to find out a little more about her mission and why she believes meditation should become part of the national curriculum.

Kate said: “Little Sunshine began five years ago. I have worked with children for 25 years and have always wanted to make a difference.

“When I found yoga and mindfulness, I knew that this was something special and needed to be brought into schools to help children with their emotional development.”

She continued: “We have evolved to provide self-esteem programmes, mindfulness, meditation, teacher training, and parent support in over 60 schools. 

“We also have published a book earlier this year, Taking Worry Out of the Classroom, and created a yearly website subscription for schools to support teachers with PSHE activities.”

[Credit: Little Sunshine]

Kate and her team are dedicated to creating activities that become “life-long tools” to help reduce anxiety and build resilience in students.

It is proven that yoga not only manages stress levels, but can improve focus, memory, and classroom behaviour, meaning academic performance can skyrocket.

It also has the power to build strength, coordination and flexibility, while encouraging body awareness and self-esteem too, consequently giving children a better sense of self.

[Credit: Little Sunshine]

Spreading their wings across the north-west of England, Little Sunshine also offer their sessions to universities, charities and other organisations to showcase how yoga can improve wellbeing.

Kate added: “We hope to be delivering more training for teachers in the future, so each school has a designated mindfulness/meditation teacher.

“We are excited about the future and how this supports children’s mental health.”

Just off to work on our warrior pose!

To get involved, click here: Little Sunshine.

[Credit: Little Sunshine]

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