Wellbeing real talk: The Insta account that lifts self-esteem in an instant

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While it’s a breath of fresh air to see mental health discussed so openly today, it can mean the wellbeing world is extremely saturated.

Consequently, it’s tricky to know who just masquerades as a guru and who truly has the knowledge that will impact our mindsets.

This is why we’re all starry-eyed for Marie Klamer, otherwise known as Positive Minded Life.

[Credit: Positive Minded Life]

She is on a mission to boost your wellbeing with fun, bitesize tips that are rooted in clinical study and translated from text-book jargon into Instagram magic.

As a master student of psychology, Marie understands the nitty gritty of science and health, making her posts educational, creative, and, ultimately, based in research.

She hopes that by sharing her passion and wisdom, she can provide inspiration and tools to live a happier and healthier life.

We caught up with Marie to find out more about why she believes in sparking conversations about mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding it.

[Credit: Positive Minded Life]

Marie said: “Positive Minded Life began as a space to share knowledge and tips around psychology, healthy habits, and productivity on a daily basis.

“I’ve been learning a lot about these topics, inside and outside of my education, and felt the urge to share what I’ve learned with others.”

She continued: “Many of the things I talk about are habits and tips that have changed my life for the better, so I hope that it can do the same for others.

“I realised that this project would combine many of my passions – including psychology, productivity, writing and graphic design – which is why I started the account.”

Having received an incredible response so far, Marie now plans to build her online community even further and has set her sights on starting a YouTube channel.

Going forward, Marie hopes she can empower people to take responsibility and work towards their dreams so they can reach their full potential.

She concluded: “What is most rewarding is the chance for me to connect with people who are interested in the topics I talk about, through messages and comments, and also with other women who work on passion projects themselves.”

To get connected, click here: Positive Minded Life.

[Credit: Positive Minded Life]

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