Cook up a ‘£1 wonder’ to make food go further in your home

Never go to bed hungry

It’s all very well telling people to eat healthily, but when free-range meat and organic veg are treble the price of the regular produce, what do you do?

Well, the next best thing is learning to be creative with what you can afford.

And there are two genies floating out of the chip oil bottle to help you.

Say hello to Marcus Rashford and Tom Kerridge.

[Credit: Full Time Meals]

Marcus, you’ll likely know as the fancy-footed Manchester United player with a flair for philanthropy, who joined forces with FareShare to deliver free meals to kids over lockdown.

Tom, meanwhile, is also a homegrown talent you might recognise from weekend telly as the face of Saturday Kitchen, a presenting gig he earned from his Michelin-star culinary skills.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with under the name Full Time Meals.

On their mission to “stop hunger in its tracks”, they have launched a year-long series of cooking tutorials, published weekly on Instagram and Facebook every Sunday.

[Credit: Full Time Meals]

The following day, they then feature a celebrity whipping up the same dish to encourage people to join in, with the likes of Russell Brand, Mabel, and Nick Grimshaw taking part.

With home comforts that will titillate tastebuds, such as mac ‘n’ cheese, hot dog pasta, and “£1 wonder” ham and pea risotto, you’ll be chowing down hearty meals not rabbit food.

Their ultimate goal is to prioritise affordability, with chef Kerridge saying he’s a huge fan of frozen veggies, and dishes that are “fun, tasty, quick, simple and relatable”.

[Credit: Full Time Meals]

Reflecting on his own humble beginnings, when he was brought up on a council estate by a mother who held down two jobs to keep the family afloat, Kerridge says that learning some basics at an early age can make all the difference to stay healthier and fuller for longer.

Kerridge said: “It takes a little bit of effort and energy, sure, but you can still create a healthy style of pizza, rather than buying a processed one, right?”

Chatting to Positive News, he added that making food kids “actually want to eat” is crucial to keeping them engaged with their nutrition and will help them make smart choices.

To get recipe inspo, click here: Full Time Meals.

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