Eat yourself healthy: Meet the Aussie Bear Grylls changing the face of food

Spellbinding tricks to survive the wild

There is nothing tastier than the flavours of local produce working their magic on your palate and your wellbeing.

Yet the power of food goes deeper than a tasty nosh and a spruce of vitamins, with the ability to heal us too.

Now, plant wizard Jake Cassar is sharing his spellbinding expertise so you can learn the tricks of how to use Mother Nature as your medicine cabinet.

[Credit: Jake Cassar]

With a unique knowledge of Bushcraft – the practice of developing skills in order to survive and thrive in a natural environment – Jake specialises in edible and medicinal plants.

Based in Australia, Jake focuses on native plants and those introduced to Oz, which has earned him the prestigious title of ‘Bush Tucker Guru’ and seen him coined the ‘Aussie Bear Grylls’.

So, if you ever head out into the wilderness, you’ll want to brush up on Jake’s tips!

[Credit: Bear Grylls]

He has spent most of life fine-tuning his survival knowledge in what he calls ‘The University of the Bush’ and taught himself through living from the land for weeks at a time.

From learning how to make rope from tree bark, fire from sticks, and soap from leaves, Jake recognises the natural resources that surround us that can be used to create tools without relying on unsustainable and ethically questionable manufacturing giants.

On a mission to share his gifts, Jake offers an array of presentations, from walking tours to overnight Bushcraft courses, to inspire individuals or for team-building exercises.

[Credit: Jake Cassar]

He is also passionate about fighting for koalas, as this beautiful species face extinction.

Sadly, the cuddly marsupials are under severe threat largely due to clearing of their habitat for expansion of human settlement, such as agriculture, housing, mining, factories or roads.

To find out more on Jake, click here: Bushcraft.

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