‘Reignite your inner sparkle’ Middle-aged women, get your life back!

Never too late to regain confidence

They say life begins at 40, and hell, you better start believing that.

You might find yourself resisting that mantra though, especially if brain fog, hot flushes, and weight gain seem to dominate every waking moment.

Yet your very own Christmas pixie is here to shake up your 2022!

Meet Alison Bladh, sprinkling her fairy dust to help you regain confidence and start living again.

[Credit: ACB Nutrition]

As a nutritional therapist, she helps women manage the negative symptoms of menopause by reevaluating their diets and exploring how food can restore health.

Speaking exclusively to InspoDaily, Alison revealed why she is passionate about addressing this time in a woman’s life and how she can transform low energy and high stress into vitality.

Alison said: “My journey into health and wellness started when I was young. I was lucky to be brought up on a farm in the south of England, which gave me a great love of nature.

“On top of that, my mother was a chef who allowed me to help in the kitchen. She had a wonderful vegetable patch and lots of fruit trees, we had access to lovely homegrown produce.”

[Credit: ACB Nutrition]

She continued: “I have also travelled extensively and lived in different parts of the world, this has given me the opportunity to experience an array of cultures, cuisines and lifestyles.

“I truly believe that with good nutritious food and lifestyle choices, the body can heal itself.”

Alison kickstarted her journey in the wellness industry as a beauty therapist, working mainly with middle-aged female clients struggling with their skin.

She helped many of them around the time of perimenopause and menopause who developed skin problems later in life, although always felt a piece of the puzzle missing.

Then, a chance encounter with one client set Alison on a new path.

[Credit: ACB Nutrition]

Alison explained: “I worked with a woman for many months, and her skin did not improve as much as we had hoped. I didn’t see her for six weeks and when she came back, I couldn’t believe the change in her! All her acne had cleared up and her skin looked amazing.

“After questioning her about what she had been doing, she said she had changed her diet. She had cut out all processed food, sugar, dairy products, and her a glass of wine in the evening.”

This example of ‘we are what we eat’ led Alison to start noticing similar experiences in other middle-aged clients and close family members.

Soon, there was no denying that the power of nutrition really helped them get through this difficult time period, with incredibly positive effects on their health too.

It was then that Alison decided to go back to university and study nutritional therapy, before launching her own practice, ACB Nutrition.

[Credit: ACB Nutrition]

Now, she works with busy midlife women who have lost their zest for life.

Alison said: “This can be a very stressful time for most women as they may have aging parents, still working in a career, and most have children. They have no time for self-care, they are stressed, have lost their confidence, put on weight, and feel a shadow of their former self.

“My mission is to support my clients with bespoke changes to diet, health and lifestyle so they can harness their hormones and get their confidence and sparkle back.”

She continued: “I believe that all women, no matter what age, deserve to reclaim their health and feel great. Life is too short to suffer symptoms that hold you back.”

However, this change does not mean a life devoted to salad leaves alone!

[Credit: ACB Nutrition]

By teaching women how to look after themselves, through realistic nutrition, Alison says women can go on a journey of self-discovery without restriction.

She is also a strong advocate that lifestyle changes should not cause extra stress, nor be about ‘following the rules’, but actually be fun.

Alison concluded: “I believe every woman has the right to feel healthy and happy. It’s heartbreaking when I see women give up on themselves.

“Many of my clients want help getting back to feeling how they used to feel before they were hit with sleep issues, hot flushes, lack of self-confidence, skin ageing and loss of libido.”

She added: “I help them regain the energy and confidence to enjoy themselves again instead of feeling grumpy, unattractive and unenergetic. I always say, you can be vibrant and sexy at any age.”

All those in favour, can we get a ‘Hell yeah!’

Download your free ebook: Reset Your Body Today.

To kickstart your wellness journey, click here: ACB Nutrition.

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