Rent a tree! Make smarter choices this Xmas with zero January waste

Do your bit for Mother Nature

There is nothing more magical than seeing a Christmas tree all dressed, twinkling with fairy lights and glistening from baubles.

And there is nothing more deflating than seeing unwanted trees chucked out on pavements in January, to later be dumped on landfills.

So, how do we make the magic happen without damaging our planet?

The secret lies with renting!

[Credit: Rental Claus]

You can now hire your Xmas tree, meaning you get all the beauty of Noel while also living sustainability, safe in the knowledge your tree will be returned to the earth afterwards.

When you consider the benefits of renting, such as producing zero waste as the tree will not die in the new year and supporting local businesses, there really is no going back.

Other perks include not having to worry about how to dispose of the tree yourself, as well as enjoying your forever tree by choosing the same one over and over again each year.

Cute, right?!

[Credit: Rental Claus]

This particular quirk, coined ‘trees for life’, is honoured by Rental Claus in Cheltenham, who invite people to take the same tree home every December.

As the trees shoot up (about a foot annually), families can literally watch theirs grow over the years with their children, while it is cared for by professionals out of festive season.

With more and more of us becoming aware of our carbon footprint, there are plenty of environmentally friendly companies out there to help us on our journey.

Check out the list below to get your yuletide cheer on.

[Credit: Rental Claus]

London: Christmas on the Hill

Reading, Berkshire and Surrey: Festive Tree Hire

Gloucestershire: Cotswold Fir

Leicestershire: Love A Christmas Tree

Stroud: Rental Christmas Tree

Just as they say a puppy is not just for life, it’s for Christmas, the same goes with trees!

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