Choose Love: Artwork to brighten up your home that will also save lives

Help vulnerable people have a better life

Art is often thought of as a luxury, with pieces exchanging hands for thousands, even millions, of pounds.

Yet now you can purchase some eye candy that will also be saving lives.

This means, treating yourself or a loved one to a beautiful design this Christmas will also result in helping raise funds for refugees around the world.

All you need to do is get yourself to the Big Smoke to check out the Choose Love exhibition in Carnaby Street, pick your unique print or photograph, then voila.

[Credit: Magda Archer]

It’s all thanks to humanitarian aid charity Choose Love joining forces with Print Club London, a printing studio and contemporary online gallery.

Together, they are collaborating to raise awareness (and cash!) for displaced people.

So far, they have already donated £5,000 worth of diapers to refugees in Moria camp, Greece, which is home to 8,000 people even though it was only created for 1,500.

They have also given £8k for medical care, £9k towards food packs, and £10k for hot meals to other people struggling across the country.

[Credit: Caroline Tomlinson]

Here in the UK, it is certainly not a case of out of sight, out of mind, with renowned artists creating exclusive pieces, surrendering all profit as proceeds will directly support the work of Choose Love.

All of the pieces take inspiration from the iconic ‘Choose Love’ slogan, created by activist and fashionista Katharine Hamnett in the 1980s.

Speaking about the project, the Print Club London team said they are proud to have raised over £150,000 for the charity so far.

The crew said: “This couldn’t have been possible without the generosity of our artists using their talent to produce a one-off piece of art for our gallery.

“Also, our customers who invested in the beautiful art and the cause.”

[Credit: Craig Keenan]

To grab yourself a piece, pop to the Choose Love Store on 3 Carnaby Street until December 21, any day Monday to Sunday between 10am and 7pm.

If the art is out of budget, you can still visit the shop which sells urgently needed products and services required by vulnerable people, from hot meals to mental health support.

While you would technically walk away empty-handed, the gifts you choose to pay for are then delivered to those who need them most in different parts of the world.

For more info, click here: Choose Love.

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