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‘We rise by lifting others’ Singer plays prank on fans to raise cash for kids

Davido is a real-life Santa

Some people are happy with socks, others want Lynx, and maybe a cheeky few ask for an Xbox, yet one musician boldly requested cash for his birthday.

However, while the demand may have been a little diva-esque, it turns out it was all a ruse to get fans to dig deep into their pockets for charity.

So deep in fact, that they helped raised a whopping NGN [Nigerian Naira] 200,000,000 (£37k) for orphanages to support abused and abandoned children have a better life.

[Credit: Davido]

It all kicked off with Davido, one of Africa’s most successful musicians, joking on social media that he wanted donations to get his Rolls Royce released from a port.

His adoring fanbase dutifully obliged, and the dollar started rolling in.

Davido then revealed to his 22million-strong army on Instagram that the cash was actually being given to orphanages across the country.

Humbled by the vast sums raised, Davido said he felt “sincere gratitude” for the “generous expressions of love” and that the “outcome exceeded expectations”.

[Credit: Davido]

Davido, who also contributed NGN 50,000,000 (£92k) from his own pocket, said: “My goal is to do this fundraising every year to celebrate my birthday and give back to people in need.”

The heartwarming act of kindness will transform many lives, as the money will be divided to caregivers by a specially selected committee to determine its fair distribution.

Davido added: “I express my sincere gratitude to friends, colleagues, fans, and everyone that made this possible. We rise by lifting others.”

In honour of his incredible philanthropy, fans flocked to the comments section on Insta to praise him, with one declaring Davido “man of the year”.

Looks like Santa just got relegated.

[Credit: Davido]

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