Life is tough, but so are you: Tips to beat the blues and boost positivity

Fast-track your way to self-esteem

While many of us relish Christmas and the excitement it brings, there are those who fear it.

Whether because of financial woes, toxic families, or isolation, sadly Santa can’t always give us what we want.

However, there are ways we can boost mood over the holidays that are simple, speedy, and most importantly, free.

So, while we may not be able to wave a magic wand to change the cards that life has dealt us, by practicing wellbeing little and often, we can learn to combat stress that harms us.

The positively positive peeps at the Power of Positivity (try saying that after your third Snowball) have whipped up the best exercises you need to revamp your outlook. Check them out below!

As they say, it may be easier said than done, but it’s easier done than not.

[Credit: Ran Berkovich]

1) Believe in yourself

Sounds too simple to work, right?! Yet it is proven that self-belief triggers a pattern in people where they experience less anxiety and more fearlessness.

Start by setting some goals and believing that you can achieve these targets. You may well stumble along the way, and that is fine, learning to accept your blunders is part of the deal.

However, the key to success lies with being able to pick yourself up and start again.

[Credit: Brett Jordan]

2)  Stop creating excuses

Ready for some tough love?

Then it’s time to quit making excuses about everything you can’t do and start making declarations about what you will do.

Change your attitude and watch all the amazing things that start happening to you. Sure, there will still be obstacles, that’s life, thought procrastination is what will hold you back.

[Credit: Unsplash]

3) Count your blessings

It’s not always easy to practice gratitude during dark moments.

Yet the art of being thankful has incredible benefits, from boosting the immune system to improving relationships to increasing optimism.

So, rather than focus on what you don’t have, try shining a light on what you do have.

With a roof over your head, phone in your pocket, money in the bank, and a beating heart, many people would give anything have those things – don’t ever take it for granted.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

4) Overcome painful past experiences

You don’t have to forget, but rather not dwell.

We all have gnarly moments from our past that given the opportunity, we would erase. But truth bomb, no amount of reflection will change the outcome.

So, stop turning around to look down memory lane or ask, ‘What if I’d done that differently?’ Keeping your mind focused on the present will help you to towards the life you want.

[Credit: Shutterstock]

5) Stop beating yourself up

They say many of us wouldn’t talk to a friend in the same way we talk to ourselves, so why do we berate ourselves over mistakes?

There is no such thing as perfect and sometimes we mess up or fail. C’est la vie.

If you can learn to let go and stop being so hard on yourself, you will notice the building blocks to self-esteem start to empower you. Negative self-talk will get you nowhere fast.

Yes, life is full of trauma and unfortunate events. It is tough. But you got this!!  

For the full article, click here: Positivity Exercises.

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