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The human stories behind world issues

In a world of disconnect, how can we reconnect? Especially when headlines scaremonger and divide us, even if this is subconscious.

The one thing that transcends all age, race, religion, and gender, is love and the ability to see one another as human regardless of our background.

This is why the remarkable team at The Worldwide Tribe are using stories to highlight the humanity behind world issues, on their mission to spark global community.

[Credit: The Worldwide Tribe]

They do this by tapping into creative storytelling to bring a personal, human perspective to the issues that dominate our news channels and 24/7 timelines.

The tribe also invest in grassroots projects, donating to the very people that make a difference to the lives of those in need.

Not only are The Worldwide Tribe founders passionate about shining a light on the humanitarian crisis, but they also just so happen to be three siblings who kickstarted their quest after opening their doors (and hearts) to refugees in need of a foster home.

It all began when the O’Hara family from England decided to foster a child, after their kids – Jaz, Nils, and Finn – grew up and flew the nest.

[Credit: The Worldwide Tribe]

Jaz explained: “Back in early 2015, we all had normal jobs. I worked in the fashion industry, my brother Nils worked in advertising, and my youngest brother Fin was still at school.

“As Fin was nearing 18, our parents decided to foster a new brother or sister, in fear that they would soon have an empty house. They couldn’t have been more wrong!”

Jaz added: “As our parents went through the lengthy process, it became increasingly likely our new sibling would be coming via the refugee camp in Calais known as ‘The Jungle’. My parents live in Kent and there were many unaccompanied minors arriving there at the time.”

‘The Jungle’ had just started to appear in the news back then, yet coverage of the camp was extremely negative and dehumanising, with headlines such as ‘Swarms of Migrants’.

Jaz had so many questions about the people living there, that she made the journey to go and visit. A trip which she says, “changed my life”.

[Credit: The Worldwide Tribe]

While in Calais, Jaz met many people who, despite their intense trauma, still welcomed her with open arms and shared cups of tea or food with her even though they had so little.

On her return home, Jaz posted about her experiences on Facebook, and was stunned when it went viral and was shared tens of thousands of times.

It was that one post that sparked a movement of people wanting to donate, to volunteer, to get involved in any way that they could. And so began The Worldwide Tribe.

Now, Jaz has two new brothers, Mez from Africa and Arash from Afghanistan, and works tirelessly to raise awareness for the other 70million children, women and men who were forcibly displaced last year and yet struggle to receive basic empathy, compassion and safety.

Yet Jaz can’t do it alone, and she needs your help!

Alongside encouraging the public to donate to support people on the ground in refugee camps, there is also a shop where you can buy hoodies and T-shirts to support the cause.

To get involved, just click here: The Worldwide Tribe.

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