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Introducing the extended members of our InspoDaily family!

Here at InspoDaily, we live the zen life. We support mental health awareness, body positivity and celebrate individuality. We love to explore natural healing, mysteries of the universe, and also seek to amplify the voices of underrepresented communities.

While we can use our platform to shout about these things, we couldn’t do it without the people on a mission to make the world a better place.

We’re big believers that together we’re stronger and that’s why we’ve joined forces with our incredible ambassadors to work collectively in bringing kindness and hope back to humanity.

Please say hello to our brilliant extended members of the InspoDaily family, who raise awareness and spread positivity each and every single day.

Tanya Buxton

Tattoo extraordinaire Tanya Buxton uses her skills to support breast cancer survivors reclaim their bodies and confidence after mastectomy surgeries. Tanya does this through her non-profit Mastectomy Tattooing Alliance, where she creates beautiful designs to cover or complement scars with realistic nipple inkings or artwork.

Evan Strong

Evan Strong is an archaeological guru and one half of power duo Steven and Evan Strong, a father and son team that dedicate their lives to the indigenous people of Australia. Not only do they explore the fascinating history of aborigines, they also dive into UFO sightings to explore alien influences of past and present.

Kenia Avila

Kenia sprinkles positivity online and use cyberspace as a tool to connect. Creating illustrations under her pseudonym Bright Souls, she crafts mental health pictures to boost your mood in an instant. She shines a light on how to fall in love with process of growth, how to cope with toxic family, and why it’s important to stop judging yourself.

Michael Clarke

If school was all about memorising facts for you instead of understanding them, you will appreciate the magic of Michael Clarke who teams up with primary schools to help kids learn in a way that is fun. His project Awaken Genius strives to do this by mish-mashing creativity and academia as students learn their core subjects.

Tijen Hassan

Wellness whizz Tijen Hassan helps people clear energy blockages so they can transform their lives. As the founder of White Aura Healing, she strives to lead clients towards stress-free lives. Tijen also challenges energy medicine critique, explaining “it’s not all Tarot and angels”, it heals your body from the root cause of where it came from.

Krish Patel

Krish Patel was an ordinary lad from Bolton before he turned his life around to create Tales to Inspire, a project that uses real stories to connect humanity – releasing a story every week. By rallying the public to share their life experiences, Krish says we can break down mental health stigma and boost wellbeing collectively as society.

Verral Paul-Walcott

Verral Paul-Walcott is our very own InspoDaily Community Hero, having been crowned as winner for the outstanding achievements award. Verral is passionate about helping the homeless feel safe, leading bike rides with his C86erz street team to deliver food and blankets to remind rough sleepers they are human beings worthy of respect and dignity.

Heidi Barker

Meet Heidi Barker, InspoDaily’s Little Star. Not only does she have an infectious energy at the grand old age of six, she is also a devoted fundraiser. After her great uncle Ian was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, Heidi was inspired to help and began an epic challenge – walking 603 miles to raise cash for Alzheimer’s Research UK to support Ian and others with dementia.

Emily Harding

Namasté! Emily Harding is a yoga teacher with a twist. While she can help you bend into the downward dog or locust, it’s her flair for challenging diet culture that makes her stand out from the crowd. Emily works tirelessly to smash beauty stereotypes by daring us all to like ourselves with her #allbelliesarebeautiful campaign.

Giles Payley-Phillips

While we’re more aware of male mental health than ever before, it still carries huge stigma with boys and men struggling to open up in fear that emotions emasculate. This is why Giles Paley-Phillips is a true role model, tackling the tough stuff in podcast Blankpod to help people understand that juggling feelings is just part of being human.

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